Menacing Triple Black 1965 Mustang Pro Touring

pro touring 1965 mustang coupe


Black on Black on Black, perfect stance and snarling Ford Performance motor under the hood this Pro Touring 1965 Mustang a.k.a War Horse has a nick name that perfectly suits its arrogant personality. To be honest with you this must be one of the meanest looking classic Mustangs we have on Hot Cars.

Just look at it, laser straight Black coupe sitting on full suspension from Maier Racing and set of 18-inch Cobra wheels, only a few custom touches and the sexy little pony is transformed into aggressive beast.


triple black 1965 mustang pro touring

The interior of the Triple Black 1965 Mustang has a super fresh classic styling enhanced with TMI seats and the power comes from a well massaged 302 V8 engine linked to 5-speed manual and 9" rearend. Check out the walk around video and share your thoughts in the comment section.


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