See The 2000hp Wonder Mustang Terminator Flying

wonder mustang terminator drag racing


That's One Seriously Beefed Up Mustang Terminator!

Old school or modern Mustang fan, pretty much everyone loves the Terminator Cobras and here is one that will make your jaw drop with its killer look, awesome set up and fast 1/4 mile passes during the Import vs Domestic World Cup Drag Racing Event Finals.

Keith Rhea's Mustang Terminator sports a 5.4 liter V8 motor with factory 2011 GT500 block, Billet crank and pair of 72mm Precision turbos kicking in 2000 horsepower.


2000hp mustang terminator drag racing

During the entire event the "Wonder" Mustang was going round after round with no work needed, just fuel and ice. However it fail at the end, but still awesome car that is worth taking a look at.


Check out BigKleib34's video and see for yourself. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

Twin Turbo & Supercharged Mustang Terminator