first z28 chevy camaro ever produced

Owner Shares How He Found & Restored His 1967 Camaro Z28!

Jon Mello is the proud owner and restorer of not just a Z28 Camaro, but the very first one that was produced by Chevrolet back in the day. Jon is also in charge of the official Z28 Camaro registry so you can be sure this exceptional muscle car is in the right hands.

The very first Chevy Camaro Z28 was built on December 29th in 1966 before the other 15 cars of the same badge that were produced on the next day. Jon owns this iconic Chevrolet muscle car since 2000 and has spent 10 years of his life to restore it to its original glory.

the first chevrolet camaro z28 built

Check out Lou’s video to see the whole story of this piece of American automotive history.

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