Ms. Snow White | The Cool Story of a '70 Mustang

1970 ford mustang 351 cleveland restoration


It Always Feels Good When You See a Rescued Classic Mustang!

Purchased back in 1978 this classic Ford Mustang has been left in a garage for years and of course started to get rusty. By 2009 what was once a sexy 1970 Mustang Coupe has become a rotten piece of old metal and the owner was about to get rid of it.

miss white snow mustang coupe


Luckily for this iconic muscle car the owner's Son works in a body shop and convinced his Dad to let him restore the Mustang instead of bury it forever. Definitely not back to its original condition, but still a well executed build with preserved classic appearance and beefy 351 Cleveland under the hood, Miss. Snow White is a beautiful pony.

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