Frankenstein Of Mustangs - Unique 1500hp Sleeper

twin turbo ford musatng gt500 build


Wild Twin Turbo Mustang GT500 Build!

Although this Ford Mustang doesn't look like anything truly exciting at first glance, trust me you'll be impressed when you learn more details on the build and see this 1500 horsepower Sleeper flying down the race track with nearly 200mph.

1500hp 2006 mustang gt sleeper


Originally a 2006 Mustang GT the owner has made it look like a 2007-09 GT500 on the outside, feels like 2011-14 GT500 on the inside and fitted the engine bay with 2003 Cobra Terminator motor boosted by a pair of 67mm turbochargers producing 1507hp - Now you know why we refer to it as the Frankenstein of Mustangs.

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