Sick 1965 Mustang Build “Trifecta” By Blown Mafia

trifecta 1965 ford mustang build

Blown Mafia Went Nuts Again With This 1965 Mustang!

If you follow the muscle car scene closely you know when Bradly Gray and the Blown Mafia crew show up at the party things go crazy. Of course they caught all the eyeballs with their new creation as well – a triple blown 1965 Ford Mustang a.k.a “Trifecta” which was unveiled at 2018 Summit Racing Equipment Atlanta Motorama.

blown mafia 1965 ford mustang build

Of course the “Trifecta” 1965 Mustang is not built for go, but this doesn’t mean that big thing coming of the engine bay doesn’t work, in fact Bradly have left some see-troughs so the haters can see everything is functional. The color combo Bright Red body with Tan interior is the Blown Mafia trademark seen on all their builds.

triple blown 1965 ford mustang build

Now let’s talk about the engine and this is where the Ford purists will be disappointed. While Bradly wanted to have the “Tirifecta” Mustang powered by a Ford motor it turned out that the 427 LSX fits better than anything, especially with the 3 blowers on top of it. Even with that in mind I can certainly say the Blown Mafia 1965 Mustang is a rolling work of art.

See my man Scottie’s video for all details on the build and share your thoughts

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