Wild Wheelstanding '56 Chevy Gasser "Blown Crazy"

1956 chevy gasser blown crazy


While nowadays the trend seen on drag racing events seems to be turbochargers, electronic fuel injections, all kinds of crazy performance mods and engine swaps, the old school fire breathing muscle cars are still out there entertaining the crowd.

Joe Beach's 1956 Chevy Gasser is one of those builds that impress with its old school charm and scores some great times at the strip. It sports a bold 540 cube Big Block Chevrolet mill equipped with 8/71 BDS blower running on E85 fuel, alcohol injected and launches with awesome wheelstands.


chevy gasser drag racing

My man James Hrovat (VictoryRedColorado) has filmed Joe and his 1956 Chevy Gasser a.k.a "Blown Crazy 2" screaming down the strip at Route 66 Joliet. Check out the video to see this awesome Tri-Five Chevrolet in action and please don't be selfish - Share with friends!


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