Convertible 1966 Mustang – Pony Car At Its Finest

convertible 1966 ford mustang

Even if you like Bowties or Mopars you have to agree that the Mustang initiated the pony car wars back in the 60’s and 50 years later the show still goes on. Although, there are many nicely restored all original classic Mustangs today, Greg Stanley’s Convertible 1966 Ford Mustang is one of those muscle cars which easily impress every enthusiast with its charm and authenticity.

original ivy green 1966 mustang convertible

On the other hand Greg is just the right man to own one of those iconic pony cars. He has fallen in love with this Ivy Green Convertible 1966 Mustang for the right reasons, knows how to appreciate it and takes great care of it. See the video brought to you by Petrolicious to learn the whole story of Greg and his drop top pony.

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