Immaculate Bright Red 1966 Chevy II Wagon Hot Rod

bright red 1966 chevy II nova hot rod


This Custom 1966 Chevy Wagon Seem Like a Perfect Cruiser!

We all know there are way too many 1st gen Camaros and Chevelles at every car show and it is almost impossible to build one that stands out. During the last few years we see hot rodders moving on to pick ups, but there are a lot of C10 trucks already, so it won't be a surprise if the new trend is custom old wagons like this gorgeous Bright Red 1966 Chevy II Nova.

custom built 1966 chevy II wagon


From the clean body lines and beautiful paint to the perfect chrome, choice of alloy wheels ans stance this 1966 Chevy II wagon has the right hot rod appearance. It is customized inside as well, but not overdone. Bucket seats with nice upholstery, custom center console, aftermarket steering wheel and gauges the interior is very stylish. Under the hood everything is as neat with a bold V8 motor detailed in Red and chrome like the rest of the hot rod.

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