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All Motor Big Block ’55 Chevy In The 9-Seconds

frank romano chevy 210 drag racing

The ’55 Chevy is the most modified American car of all times and while we have seen plenty of shiny trailer queens at car shows there are some awesome builds at the race tracks as well. Frank Romano’s Silver Chevy 210 is just that kind of hot rod – it looks wicked and it runs fast relying on its naturally aspirated V8.

Mr. Romano has come across this ’55 Chevy back in 1993 and although he had quite a few other bowties to play with the impeccable condition of this ride made the decision a no brainer. When the below video was filmed Frank’s 1955 Chevy was powered by 582 Big Block backed by a G-Force tranny. Check it out and don’t forget the Like!

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