Bob Riggle and The HEMI Under Glass '69 Barracuda

bob riggle hemi under glass barracuda


Well known within the Mopar and drag racing fans Bob Riggle is a true legend. Pulling wheelies since 1965 Mr. Riggle is a huge contributor to the industry of Hot Rodding. The 83-year old undisputed king of wheelstands shares his life was a dream come true as he always wanted to work on cars, but never even imagine he will be working with a big name like Hurst.

bob riggle hurst 1969 plymouth barracuda wheelstand


My friend Lou Costabile caught Bob Riggle with the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi Under Glass sponsored by Hurst at the Carlisle Events in Pennsylvania on July 12. That same day Mr. Riggle turned 83 and was delighted to share the story of Hemi Under Glass Plymouth Barracudas and let the fans hear the terrifying voice of that Mopar.

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Bob Riggle and The Hurst Hemi Under Glass on Hot Cars