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870hp Pro Street 1970 Dodge Dart Owner Interview

pro street 1970 dodge dart build

What started life as a 340 powered 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger has been transformed into show stopping Hemi Orange Pro Street Mopar. The owner Tom has always been a car guy and had one of these in his youth. He is not the builder of the hot rod and doesn’t really race it, but at least he does drive it on the street and takes it to shows often.

Tom’s Pro Street 1970 Dodge Dart is a top notch build with very impressive appearance, fully customized race-prepped interior and packs a Nitrous fed 416 cubic inch V8 motor capable of 870 horsepower. According to Tom his Mopar scores 9-seconds on the quarter mile and certainly needs the wheelie bars if you step on it properly. I can’t guarantee for that, but the Dart definitely sounds awesome.

Check out the video brought to you by US Classic Muscle Cars for the whole story!

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