The Best Chevrolet Camaro You Could Get In 1969?

best 1969 chevrolet camaro

Back in 1969 Chevrolet would allow anybody to pick the options they wanted and pretty much customize their own Camaro. Whoever ordered this particular muscle car definitely knew what they want. I mean, a COPO with the high performance 427 V8 engine which was officially offered only on Corvettes back then, the Sports car conversion package and the RS styling, what else can you ask for?

best 1969 chevrolet camaro muscle cars

There were a total of 58 Chevy Camaro muscle cars that came of the production line with these options in 1969, this particular one was sold at the well known Berger Chevrolet dealer and of course as a member of the Brothers Collection is in mint condition. Check out the video to learn the whole story from Kevin Oeste. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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