Convertible 1970 Chevelle SS 454 Muncie 4-speed

1970 chevelle ss 454 muncie 4-speed

Stupendous appearance, tons of options and original drivetrain this Convertible 1970 Chevelle SS is a prime example of the classic Chevy muscle cars. The A-body looks straight with nice quality paint job, the wheels are date correct 14-inch SS and the 454 badges and cowl induction hood tells us this hot rod is not only a beauty but also a beast.

convertible 1970 chevy chevelle ss

When it comes to comfort this Convertible 1970 Chevy Chevelle doesn’t disappoint either. The Black factory interior is in nice condition and the options include air conditioning, power steering, power windows and power brakes. The original drivetrain is a great combo of 454 LS5 engine, 4-speed Muncie Rock Crusher transmission and posi rearend.

Check out Samspace81’s video to see this sexy Chevy muscle car in motion and smack the Like!

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