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Flame Throwing Twin Turbo Shelby GT350R Mustang

twin turbo shelby gt350r mustang dyno

Team Fathouse Fabrications are totally killing it lately with their Shelby GT350 and all modern Mustangs’ performance packages and mods and this beast is no exception. You are looking at brand new 2018 Shelby GT350R equipped with the FatFab 1000R Twin Turbo package and tuned by Corbin Johnson.

This flame throwing Mustang shows 916 horsepower and 635 pounds of torque on the dyno while only on 10psi. Not too bad, right? In case you like the work of team Fathouse Fabrications stay tuned as they’re planning to hit the race track soon with few events already being planned.

More info on the Shelby GT350R Twin Turbo package can be found at: FatHouseFab.com

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