1968 Plymouth GTX 426 HEMI – Prime B-body Mopar

racing green 1968 plymouth gtx

Considering this 1968 Plymouth HEMI GTX is owned by John Begian who is a Chrysler engineer for over 30 years you naturally expect to see a prime exmple of a B-body Mopar and that’s exactly the case. John has acquired this muscle car back in 1998 and when asked for the reason behind this purchase he says every Mopar guy should own a 426 HEMI powered vehicle.

racing green 1968 plymouth gtx

The Crysler engineer also shares some interesting details on the GTX name history and on top of that his Racing Green 1968 Plymouth GTX 426 HEMI has never been filmed before. So enjoy its online debut and make sure you hit the Like button!

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