650hp Pro Touring '66 Chevy Chevelle Daily Driver

allison customs built 1966 chevelle sema


I'm sure most people will say this Pro Touring '66 Chevy Chevelle is a trailer queen rather than a muscle car built to be driven. Although you may be surprised the owner Jeremy McLellan of Cambridge, ON, Canada asked team Allison Customs to transform what was an old rusty 1966 Chevelle into a custom daily driver with capabilities of autocross racer.

pro touring 66 chevy chevelle


After getting myself familiarized with the Allison Customs built 1966 Chevy Chevelle I'm sure Jeremy is quite happy with how they made his vissions come true and enjoys his immaculate pro touring muscle car properly. Displayed at the Ron Francis Wiring’s booth at SEMA 2018 this elegant beast attracted a lot of attention.

1966 chevy chevelle pro touring built


We are looking at a slammed to the ground laser straight body with killer mods painted in Burnt Orange from House of Color sitting on Boze forged wheels. The interior of this pro touring 1966 Chevelle is highly customized, but certainly not overdone and the 650hp come from a Supercharged LT4 Motor mounted to Tremec 6-speed.

My man Scottie has filmed a quick walkaround video at SEMA, so check it out!