James Goad “The Reaper” New Chevy Yenko Camaro

street outlaws james goad new procharged camaro

We’ve heard the rumors about the famous Street Outlaws drag racer James Goad a.k.a “The Reaper” getting ready to unveil his new car and here is the first sneak peak. We are looking at bad to the bone 1969 Chevy Yenko Camaro with a massive procharger and man this thing looks fast even standing still.

Some say it’s the same old “Deez Nuts” with new paint, others that there is more upgrades added. We can’t wait to see this brute in action and wish “The Reaper” best of luck with his new procharged Yenko Camaro! Check out the video to see this beast all the way around and be sure to hit the Like below!

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