Brett Lasala’s Record Breaking 7-Sec Street Driven Mustang

brett lasala twin turbo mustang street car carmageddon

Acquired by Brett Lasala about 5 years ago this 7-Second street driven 2013 Ford Mustang a.k.a. “The Snot Rocket” is an unstoppable beast. With pretty much factory interior besides the Recaro’s in the front and rear seat delete “The Snot Rocket”offers great comfort and style.

7-second snot rocket mustang drag racing

At the same time Brett’s 2013 Mustang sports a Twin Turbocharged Fast Forward Racing Engines built motor producing the whoping 1675 rearwheel horsepower and nearly 2000hp at the crank. Check out “That Racing Channel” video from the TRC Carmageddon event to see “The Snot Rocket” winning 2 trophies.

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