The First Penske Built Trans Am 1968 Chevrolet Sunoco Camaro

1968 chevrolet sunoco camaro trans am car


While the first generation Camaros were not produced with the intention to be race cars Roger Penske and Mark Donohue decided to built a total of six vehicles for the Trans Am championship. Those of you who are familiarized with the racing history would remember team Penske didn't do very well in the first half of the 1967 season, but pulled some tricks out of their sleeves resulting in many victories afterwards.

Penske built 1968 chevrolet camaro trans am race car


This particular example is the 3rd one built, the very first 1968 model that arrived to Penske’s Philadelphia shop and one of the 4 original Chevrolet Sunoco Camaro Trans Am race cars known to exist. The video was filmed back in 2013 before Bill Bryan who owned the muscle car at the time takes it to the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance.


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