Unbeatable All Steel First Gen Chevrolet Camaro Street Car

all steel first gen chevy camaro street race car

Started the build with the intention to have a daily driver Richard Disher have transformed his first generation Chevrolet Camaro into one unbeatable street car. Laser straight F-body with stock steel and tubs sitting on Weld Racing wheels in the front and Champion Beadlocks on the rear this 1968 Camaro can easily get some trophies at car shows, but obviously that’s not what Richard is into.

richard disher 1968 camaro drag racing

The power comes from a turbocharged 400 Small Block Chevy motor, the Camaro has full interior (even radio), stock subframe in front with caltrac split leafs in the back and it weighs 3,500lbs. I don’t know about you, but Richard Disher’s first gen Camaro must have the most dialed street car suspension I’ve ever seen. It maybe a cliche, but the Camaro looks like is on rails.

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