Home Sports cars “Green Mamba” – Not Your Average 1968 Corvette Build

“Green Mamba” – Not Your Average 1968 Corvette Build

green mamba corvette autocross car

Some Chevy purists will say this is another ruined classic car, but considering the “Green Mamba” 1968 Corvette is actually built for autocross events, I like what they have done to it, just not a big fan of the color to be honest.

Other than that body mods, wheels, interior it all looks just right and the 650 horsepower are coming from Holley EFI-injected Kurt Urban 427 motor mounted to Bowler Tremec T-56 Magnum 6-speed transmission.

Check out the video to see the “Green Mamba” 1968 Corvette in action.

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