24-Year Old Builds a Remarkable 1965 Ford Mustang

wide body 1965 ford mustang build

I’m aware that not everyone will enjoy looking at widebody classic Mustang with tons of custom work done to it, but this is a truly unique muscle car built with the intention to stand out and in my opinion the goal is achieved. Furthermore the builder of this 1965 Ford Mustang is the 24-year old Jacob Griffin who runs the Griffin Design shop along with his Dad, so the Father & Son team is something making the story even more special.

custom 1965 mustang by griffin design

Actually this is a 1965 Ford Mustang only on the outside, the rest comes from a ’99 donor car. The result of Jacob’s creativity and desire to be different will certainly surprise you and I’m sure will be seeing more unique muscle cars coming from Griffin Design in future. That’s all I wanted to say as everything about the widebody 1965 Mustang build and some street action is in the AutotopiaLA’s video. Check it out and make sure you smack the Like!

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