The Hottest 1973 Dodge HEMI Challenger Build

dodge hemi challenger pure vision design

Coming from the Pure Vision Design shop this Mopar is far from your average 1973 Dodge Challenger build and is definitely the hottest we have ever featured. Steve Strope is well known for his personalized custom built muscle cars, but this time he had to do a car for unknown owner and on top of that in less than 4 months.

custom 1973 dodge hemi challenger

The Pure Vision Design 1973 Dodge Challenger has a very appealing look without losing any of the classic styling, the interior is fairly original but nicely enhanced, all the upgrades for great performance on the road are in place and the power comes from a 392 Crate HEMI engine paired with 727 trans.

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Check out AutotopiaLA’s video to learn the story and go for a ride in this cool Mopar!

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