Triple Dodge Challenger Barn Find in Texas

dodge challenger barn finds

The guys at Restore a Muscle Car and Gas Monkey Garage pulled out not one, but three Dodge Challenger muscle cars out of a barn in Texas. The owner is a huge fan, he owned 5 of these at some point, but the trio has been sitting in the barn for the last 30 years. He shares he outran the cops on several occasions back in the day and now every time he want to take one of the Dodge Challengers for a ride, the Police would pull him over. Unfortunately his children were not interested in the vehicles, so he had to sell them.

barn find dodge muscle cars

The Plum Crazy Purple 1971 Dodge Challenger is a true R/T car fitted with 383 V8. The Hemi Orange is also from 1971 and although the powerplant is just a 340, the interior is really cool. The Black one is a 1970 Challenger fitted with 360 engine, but it has the meanest look. The guys dragged the Mopars back to the shop, went through everything and cleaned up nicely. Check out the video to see these barn find Dodge Challenger muscle cars one at a time and let us know which one do you like the most in the comment section below!

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