The Radical 1973 Rocket Camaro Street/Track Build

1973 chevy camaro big oak garage

We are used to seeing high end show cars coming out of the Big Oak Garage shop, but they took a totally different approach with the 1973 Chevy Rocket Camaro. This muscle car is built for both turning heads on the street and turning laps at the race track while showcasing the Rocket Racing Wheels product.

1973 chevy camaro street track build

The combination of radical body mods and huge wheels and tires give the 1973 Chevy Rocket Camaro a very intimidating look that guarantees a lot of attention everywhere this street/track muscle car shows up. The interior is very neat with racing seats done by Steve Holcomb and the powerplant is a blueprint 427 V8 paired with Bowler Performance built Tremec trans.

Check out my man Scottie’s video for all details on the Rocket 1973 Camaro!

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