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Coyote 1966 Mustang Build (Details + Test Drive)

coyote 1966 mustang build details

This Coyote swapped 1966 Mustang is a very well executed build front to back and top to bottom. It’s a Pro Touring car so the suspension, wheels and brakes have been upgraded, it has some cool body mods and of course last but not least it is fitted with a Ford Performance Coyote Crate engine estimated at around 500 wheel horsepower.

Beautiful Convertible 1966 Mustang with tons of power and incredible sound is something I believe all Ford people will enjoy as we have a lot of details on the build, dyno footage as well as some test driving. If that sounds interesting, check out the Picky Garage’s video and feel free to share your thoughts on this Pro Touring Mustang!

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