New Roush 427 V8 Shelby Cobra MKIII-R Makes 550hp

roush 427 powered shelby cobra R

As you probably already guessed the car featured is not a real Shelby, but the new MKIII-R Cobra from Superformance, which is just outstanding front to back and top to bottom. I mean, you can’t expect anything mediocre from the people distributing complete rolling continuations from the 1960’s.

new shelby cobra MKIII-R

Superformance have added some modern race elements like front splitter, side vents and diffuser to make the MKIII-R Cobra stand out and threw a Roush 427 small block V8 engine in it that produce 550 horsepower. Just like Doug Campbell said, the new Cobra R just begs to be on the road.

So get yourself comfortable, hit the play button and enjoy the ride!

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