This Hand Built 1971 Chevy Camaro Is Just Insane

1971 chevy camaro restomod


Built by Timeless Kustoms several years ago, this 1971 Chevy Camaro is one of the most spectacular restomods we have featured on Hot Cars. If you follow the muscle car scene, you know these guys come up with some cool hotrods, but the fabrication work and attention to detail here are insane.

supercharged ls9 1971 chevy camaro


The 90% hand built 1971 Chevrolet Camaro sits on Art Morrison front and rear, it is painted in awesome BMW M-series color, spins 20-inch Corvette wheels and has a factory Ferrari carbon fiber rear diffuser. How cool is that?

hand built 1971 chevy camaro


Braum seats, modern Camaro door panels, roll cage, Hurst shifter, the interior looks very plain and yet stunning. The engine is Edelbrock supercharged LS9 making 600 horsepower to the wheel and has been set back to achieve a 50/50 weight distribution and improve the handling.

Watch the AutotopiaLA's video to see more on the 1971 Camaro build and go for a ride!

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