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All About the Steve Strope Built 1971 Pontiac GTO

steve strope built 1971 pontiac gto

Recognized as one of the most talented car builders in the world, Steve Strope and his crew at Pure Vision Design have won multiple awards with their custom muscle cars during the years and this Convertible 1971 Pontiac GTO is nothing but outstanding. A 2-year build worth over $250,000 is normally something you only going to see at the showroom floor, but that’s not the case here.

This is a real Convertible ’71 GTO that has been customized front to back and top to bottom, but with the intention to be driven. Schwartz Performance chassis, HRE wheels, Aston Martin color, amazing interior and Supercharged LSA engine paired with automatic transmission are just few things I want to mention. For all details on the build and ride along watch the AutotopiaLA’s video.

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