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Tire Shredding 1963 Chevy II Nova Restomod

procharged 1963 chevy nova build

This is one of the wildest Chevy II Nova builds we have featured in a while and the coolest thing about it – it is lady driven. And I’m not talking about some wealthy grandma driving a show car on weekends, I’m talking about Jason Scudellari’s (the builder) wife Randi who loves banging the gears and shredding the tires.

When Jason and Randi picked up the 1963 Chevy Nova, the car was in very bad shape. You’re looking at a full chassis build, that was built to be driven hard on both the street and autocross events. It is powered by a Procharged LSX that makes 680 horsepower to the wheels controlled by 6-speed manual transmission.

Check out AutotopiaLA’s video to see Randi having fun with her 1963 Chevy Nova!

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