History of the Ford Mustang II (Video)

history of the ford mustang II


While the Mustang II is not favorite to many enthusiasts due to its not so attractive design and poor performance, it was just the car Ford needed at that time. In fact, it pretty much saved the Mustangs from extinction. Over 1,000,000 cars were sold and something that very few would remember is that the Ford Mustang II was Motor Trend's car of the year for 1974.

ford mustang II review


In the late 70's the Cobra II and King Cobra were the high performance versions of the Mustang II, but for the first couple of years the only performance model was the Mach 1 with a standard V6 engine and V8 being optional. One of the CJ Pony Parts employees is a huge Ford Mustang II fanatic and in this video you'll see a review and a road test of one of his cars. Enjoy!


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