Amazing 1971 Dodge Challenger Indy 500 Pace Car

1971 dodge challenger indy 500 survivor

The story of Pete Cellini is something we car guys hear all the time. He had a 1971 Dodge Challenger as a kid, and always wanted to get another one. However, Pete didn’t buy just a ’71 Challenger, he bought one of the fifty Convertible Indy 500 Pace Cars.

convertible 1971 challenger pace car survivor

The Mopar looks as authentic as it gets, and Pete actually drives it, rather then just take it to shows. But you know why I really had to tip my hat to Pete? They went on the Indy 500 Pace Car Reunion in 2016 and he let the wife drive the 1971 Dodge Challenger at the track.

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Check out Lou’s video to see all about this 1971 Dodge Challenger Pace Car survivor!

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