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Wild 1966 Ford Mustang 427 Gasser “Snake Bite”

ford mustang 427 gasser

Previously raced in the New York area where it was known as the “Crazy Horse”, Jimmy’s 1966 Ford Mustang gasser is now called “Snake Bite” and boy this thing bites for real. All steel car apart of the hood, strong naturally aspirated Ford 427 V8 engine backed by a 4-speed manual, that gasser is one hell of a hot rod.

When I hear the owner saying: “Built me a little ol’ car” or “It’s just a hot street car” I did not expect his 1966 Mustang to be that fast and when I saw it in action I was like, Oh my…this Stallion moves. Check out Nitro Union’s video to see the “Snake Bite” Ford Mustang flexing muscle at the strip.

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