Outrageous 3,500hp Gen 5 Camaro Airstrip Attack

gen 5 chevrolet camaro drag week car

Being a Drag Week car for almost 15 years, Clark Rosenstengel is now trying to hit 215mph at the Indy Airstrip Attack with his outrageous Gen 5 Chevrolet Camaro. The beast now has a new set up that consist of 525 Steve Morris Racing engine boosted by a pair of 94mm Garrett turbochargers estimated at 3,500 horsepower controlled by Rossler transmission.

3,500hp gen 5 chevrolet camaro

Having so much power in a car that drives 1,000 miles a week is just insane, but utilizing its full potential at the track is not an easy task. That was very challenging for Clark and his 2010 Chevrolet Camaro at the 5th annual half mile event at Marion, Indiana. Play the 1320Video to see the monster going sideways at 200mph and keep your eyes open for it at the 1/4 mile events as Clark will be aiming for the 6’s soon.

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