The 1,000hp Exorcist Gen 6 Camaro Build Breakdown

gen 6 exorcist camaro build break down

The guys at Hennessey Performance are without a doubt great at getting the most out of modern sports and muscle cars. Some people will say they charge too much, but when you consider the boost in performance, enhanced appearance and 2-year warranty you get for your money, I would say you pay fair price for your smiles.

zl1 chevrolet camaro exorcist race track

They already built and sold over 50 of the sixth generation ZL1 Chevrolet Camaros transformed into the 1,000 horsepower rowdy beast also known as the Exorcist. Team Hennessey did a great build breakdown video followed by some action from their race track, so if that sounds interesting, hit the play button and enjoy the ride.

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