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Bill Lutz 3500hp+ Camaro Runs 6-Seconds 1/4 Mile

bill lutz camaro drag racing

Bill Lutz is no stranger to the drag racing enthusiasts and we got some awesome footage of him testing the 3,500+ horsepower 1967 Chevy Camaro at Muncie Dragway, then doing some crazy hits during the Hail Mary Derby event at Maryland International Raceway and finally the glorious 6.0 second 1/4 mile pass at 242mph during the 2019 World Cup Finals.

They call him Bill “Big Boost” Lutz for a reason. His 1967 Camaro sports a Miner Bros Racing engine boosted by a pair of 88mm turbos. It’s not a Chevy powerplant, but this thing is a real rocket, and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy watching it flying down the track. So check out the “Drag Racing and Car Stuff” video to see this beast in drag racing!

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