The Sickest S197 Coyote Ford Mustang Build Ever?

twin turbo coyote s197 ford mustang build


I love the late S197 Mustangs and have seen plenty of nicely modified examples, but this 2011 Ford Mustang must be the sickest of all. The body mods and flawless paint make it stand out and when you see the Weld wheels, you know this thing is not built just for show.

modified twin turbo s197 ford mustang


But the most impressive thing about this custom S197 Ford Mustang is the set up. Stock 5.0 Coyote equipped with air to water twin turbo kit from Lund Racing paired with built 6-speed and live axle. This Stang makes tons of power and you're going to love the sound of it.

Watch the ThatDudeinBlue video to see this killer S197 Mustang terrorizing the streets.


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