1963 Plymouth Super Stock 426 Max Wedge Tribute

1963 plymouth super stock max wedge tribute


Yes, this is not a factory Super Stock 426 Max Wedge powered 1963 Plymouth Savoy, but does it really matter, when the build is executed so well, by a true Mopar guy who actually drives it? It's not like Kal Potter did this Super Stock tribute to profit out of it, he really wanted a Max Wedge car for many years.

super stock max wedge mopar tribute


And the story is awesome as it all started with a set of cast iron headers that Kal bought back in the day and stored in the garage with the intention to put them on a Mopar one day. He purchased this '63 Plymouth Savoy many years later and transformed it into the Super Stock 426 Max Wedge car he always wanted.

Check out Lou's video to see all about this Super Stock Max Wedge Mopar tribute.


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