1963 Plymouth Super Stock 426 Max Wedge Tribute

1963 plymouth super stock max wedge tribute

Yes, this is not a factory Super Stock 426 Max Wedge powered 1963 Plymouth Savoy, but does it really matter, when the build is executed so well, by a true Mopar guy who actually drives it? It’s not like Kal Potter did this Super Stock tribute to profit out of it, he really wanted a Max Wedge car for many years.

super stock max wedge mopar tribute

And the story is awesome as it all started with a set of cast iron headers that Kal bought back in the day and stored in the garage with the intention to put them on a Mopar one day. He purchased this ’63 Plymouth Savoy many years later and transformed it into the Super Stock 426 Max Wedge car he always wanted.

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Check out Lou’s video to see all about this Super Stock Max Wedge Mopar tribute.

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