One Wild 1,100hp Stick Shift Gen 7 Dodge Charger

stick shift gen 7 dodge charger drag racing


Most Mopar enthusiasts are not really into the 4-door Dodge Charger, but this one is way too cool not to share it with you all. I mean, how often do you see a Gen 7 Charger with giant turbo mounted in the grill and manual trans?

stick shift turbo 4-door dodge charger


The guy did the build few years ago, bit this was his first time running on the half mile, and guess what? The 1,100 horsepower Gen 7 Dodge Charger that never came with a stick shift won the manual transmission class on the event.

Check out the 1320 Video to see this Stick Shift Gen 7 Dodge Charger in action.


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