7 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Sale

So, you want to sell your car.


Selling a motor vehicle is a lot more complicated than it appears. Not only do you have to take care of the usual pre-sale preparations, such as washing and waxing the exterior components and cleaning the interior, you also have to focus on creating an advertisement in order to attract potential buyers.

tips on preparing your car for sale


Of course, there is a lot more to selling a car than you may realize. As such, it's important to go about preparing your vehicle for sale in the right way. Otherwise, you might reduce your chances of finding interested buyers. 

Here are some tips that can help you start preparing your car for sale:

1) Get it listed on reputable sites

Let's face it, what's the point of selling a car if no one gets to see it?


Some people prefer to find their next car without having to go through the hassle of visiting and talking with a dealer. As such, it's important that you list your vehicle for sale on reputable sites so that interested buyers can find your vehicle more easily. 

The best places to put up your advertisement is in specialised car listing websites like Grays. Usually, you'll know that a site is promising if they have a large backing with a network of buyers. A site like Grays has 3 million Australian site visitors in its expansive marketplace - making it an excellent platform to get the word around for your car.

2) Make sure the price is right

You're probably not going to get tonnes of calls if you list your car for sale at a ridiculously high price. Most people know exactly how much their vehicle is worth, so trying to sell it at premium prices may prevent potential buyers from ever getting in touch with you. 

At the same time, you don't want to price your vehicle too low. If you do that, it automatically becomes less attractive from a business perspective. Instead, aim to shoot a little on the high side and allow a little bit of leeway so that you can negotiate with buyers who are interested in purchasing the car at full price.

3) Keep it detailed

It's important to list the specifics of what features—such as the power steering, modifications, and engine type—that your car is equipped with. You can also add a gallery of pictures if you want to highlight some of these features. 

By doing this, you're giving interested buyers the chance to inspect your vehicle closer and get a better idea of what they are purchasing. This can greatly increase their odds of becoming interested in making an offer on your car. 

4) Highlight its condition

Don't just advertise the fact that your hot rod, sedan or SUV is in great condition; be sure to tell your customers how you maintain it so that they can have an idea of what to do should they ever own the car. For example, if you put in a brand new engine, list this as one of the features.

This shows potential buyers that the car is cared for and loved by its previous owners—which can greatly increase your chances of finding a buyer.

5) Be honest about its history

Even though you may not have been the one to purchase the car, it's still your responsibility to list everything that has transpired with your vehicle in the past years that you’ve had it. 

Some things to include are any accidents and repairs as well as whether you’re the first owner of the vehicle. This will let future buyers know that you are being completely honest with them and it helps them better think about their decision to purchase the vehicle from you.

6) Clean it up

More than the interior and exterior, you should also focus on cleaning the engine of your vehicle. If a potential buyer comes to inspect it and they notice that there is oil or other stains on the car floor, then this may make them think twice about purchasing it. 

In addition to this, the pictures you'll inevitably take before posting them on website listings will be the primary touchpoint between you and your interested prospect. If the car is dirty and unkempt, it may make them feel repulsed and direct them to the next car in line.

7) Be generous with freebies

Are there any free items that come with the car like windscreen wipers or a tool kit? If so, it might be beneficial to include these in your website listing.

This is especially true if you're getting rid of the vehicle because you're moving away from the country. By giving away extra items, not only will you draw in more interested buyers, but you'll also carry a lot fewer things with you during the move-out. You'll also make the next owner a very pleased one - which is always more than worth it!