Story of Kevin Rogers '64 Mercury Park Lane Marauder

1964 mercury park lane marauder


The second generation Park Lane once again topped the Mercury line in 1964, and the Black stunner we have here has the prestigious Marauder package. This is the first time the Marauder name was applied on production car. Prior that the Mercury Marauder was only seen at race tracks, like Bill Strope's car driven by Parnelli Jones for example.

second generation mercury park lane marauder package


Now, let us go back to this beautiful 1964 Mercury Park Lane Marauder. When Kevin Rogers bought it, the car needed some work in order to get back the classic look it deserves. Now the Marauder looks and runs like brand new, and when you hear the 390 V8 engine sound you will understand why Kevin did not remove the Flowmaster exhaust.

Play my friend Lou's video for the full story of Kevin's 1964 Mercury Park Lane Marauder


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