79′ Dodge Little Red Express – The Godfather of the Muscle Trucks

Hot cars presents the 1979 Dodge Little Red Express Pick up Truck – the Godfather of the muscle trucks. Back in the late 70’s the designers were facing a number of challenges when it comes down to performance, like the increasing gas prizes for example, so they didn’t know what to do. However there was one shining star – a very rare Dodge pick up that had a great style, aerodynamics and very good performance numbers and could outran many sports cars.

Under the hood of the Little Red’s  is hiding a high performance 360 small block engine that was used on a Police cars back then. Jay Hendrickson is the lucky owner of this cool ride which is one of 5100 produced and he kept it in a shape that it looks almost like it just came out of the dealership.

Check out the video to hear the story of this Mopar truck. Watch, Enjoy & Share!