Mosler MT 900 and Consulier GTP

The story of two American sports cars is featured in this Hot Cars article. Warren Mosler (Mosler Automotive) is the man who is responsible for these two super cars, as well as a power boat and other prototypes where he applied his light weight technology. His idea was to build a car that is lighter, uses less fuel, but is even more powerful than its competitors. “I have a car disease” he likes to say. The Consulier GTP came into this world in 1985 as the first production car with no metal involved in its structure. With a weight of 1900 pounds,  2.2-liter Chrysler motor with a turbocharger and 175 horse power it became a revolution in the industry. After so many victories in different races, they were asked not to come back in most of them.

The MT900 was introduced in 2001 and similar to the GTP was a 100% build to race. With a lot of carbon fiber involved and a LS1 350 horse power engine the 60 mph were reached in 3.5 seconds and the quarter mile in 12.0. There are few models based on this race car built over the years and all of them have broke a number of records.

Check out the video and hear the story of this two sports cars by their creator. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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