A Candy Apple red 1967 Mustang Shelby Gt 350 tribute.

One of them Hot cars, that will remain the definition of a muscle car for many more years. “But this is a tribute car” many will say…well it is, but is a gorgeous built, worth countless hours of dedication and a significant investment of efforts and money. Awesome body work with a lot of Shelby design involved. Set of gorgeous 17-inch chrome Halibrand rims. Very welcoming custom interior, with cool bucket seats, wooden steering wheel and all traditional gauges. And last but not least the stroked 351 cubic inch small block V8 motor worth almost $10 000, producing 434 horse power and 422 ft/lbs torque on the dyno. Add all the above and you get a slick classic Ford Mustang to have fun with. Check it out. Watch, Enjoy & Share!