2007 Mustang Saleen S281 Extreme | Muscle Cars

2007 ford mustang saleen s281 extreme edition

Stunning Ford Mustang Saleen S281.

In this Hot Cars video is featured a beautiful muscle car that combines style, power and performance.


We all love Mustangs. It is an icon of the American automobile world, but when Steve Saleen gets involved we are going on a another level. This extremely sharp body painted in Torch red, dressed up in cool aero body kit and set on a sports suspension gets the eyeballs right away, but Steve have never been only about appearance.

supercharged 2007 ford mustang saleen s281 extreme editionUnder the hood of this stunning pony is hiding the 24 Valve V8 Ford's Award winning engine that in combination with the Supercharger puts out 550hp and 525 pounds of torque.


Check out this spectacular 2007 Saleen Mustang S281. Watch, Enjoy & Share!