1961 chevrolet corvette c1 custom

Super Cool 1962 Corvette C1 Hot Rod.

In this Hot Cars Video we have featured one of the greatest American sports cars – a C1 Vette filmed by Scottie at the 2014 Pigeon Forge Rod Run. This masterpiece is a creation of Jim Bryant, who was in the fiberglass boat manufacturing business for over 50 years, but have also been involved with cars and this spectacular hot rod is a prove that this man have a huge talent. Few big names from the industry have also been involved in this project and you get to see the results.

Gorgeous wide body painted in black and yellow, suicide doors, awesome set of chrome wheels, fully customized black leather interior done by Paul Atkins and a high performance engine built by the Hedgecocks at Eagle that puts out 600 horse power at 2900 RPM. There is not even one piece from this sports car that is an original 1962 Corvette. Mr. Bryant have built a totally insane hot rod and it’s for sale ($85 000).

Check it out. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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