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Twin Turbo 1998 Chevy S10 | Quickest Street Car

Larry Larson’s Insane Chevrolet S10 Pick up.

This Hot Cars video is filmed by 1320video at 2014 Drag Week, where Larson Race Cars proved once again they are the best.

After winning Drag Week five times, built first 200mph street car, first 6-second street car, Larry and his team just won the world’s quickest street car…again…by making a 6.16 seconds @ 219mph quarter mile pass on September 13.

This regular Chevy S10 pick up have been transformed into a monster by implementing a Twin Turbo 620 cubic inch Big Block Chevy motor built by Pro Line.

Check out the video and if you want more details head over to HotRod. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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