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ICON Chevy Thriftmaster Truck by Jonathan Ward

icon chevy thriftmaster pick up truck by jonathan ward

Jonathan Ward On His Latest Creation!

This Hot Cars video is coming from Roads & Rides and will give you a closer look at the totally insane Chevy Thriftmaster truck coming from ICON. Jonathan Ward (not the actor) is an auto designer and CEO of ICON 4×4 mainly known for the super tough Land Cruisers he builds, but in this case he comes up with a very cool project combining the vintage aesthetic with modern engineering, which takes the brand to a whole new horizon.

Check out the video to hear about the ideas and challenges Jonathan and the team had while building this fine mix of classic American look and high performance and watch him riding the ICON Thriftmaster Chevy pick up on the twisty Santa Susana Pass in California. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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