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Ken Block & The Hoonigan Terrorizing the Streets

ken block hoonigan mustang gymkhana seven wild in the streets of la

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 Will Blow Your Mind

This Hot Cars video is the latest and the most insane from the Gymkhana drift series. As most of you know when it comes down to drifting Ken Block is God .

This time the pro drifter and his totally sick 845 horse power 1965 Mustang custom a.k.a Hoonigan are terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles, California. The Hoonigan is the only all wheel drive performance Mustang ever built, which was recently displayed at SEMA 2014 and got all the eyeballs. I am sure those of you who have seen the Stangs at the car show have been waiting for this video to be released ever since and so do we. Now that is finally here and we’ve watched it, we can guarantee that it will totally blow your mind.

Check it out. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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